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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mid Week Trading

Hit the store tonight for some casual commander games and got a few trades going, not a whole lot of value added to the project but still nice to have. The small gains add up after a while for sure.

First the Vampire Nocturnus and the Moonsilver Spear traded for a number of lower priced but interesting cards. Personal Sanctuary, Door to Nothingness, Laboratory Maniac, Izzet Charm and Crusader of Odric. Now these alone wouldn't be enough for the two cards but the crowning jewel of the trade was an Akroma's Memorial. These things are so easy to move, some one is always looking for one and truth be told I knew some one who would love one when I got the card. In fact I made the trade for it just a few minutes later.

The Memorial traded for a Dreadbore and a Selesnya Charm. Bringing our current total value to $88.61.

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